dior skincare product range including nail care products such as cuticle cream, nail varnish remover, hand cream, products placed on a soft creme blanket
A close up of a model face leaning on a table, natural dewy make up and sleek hair with white cherry blossom in the background looking away
a close up of a lilac in full bloom on a white bright background
a hand holding dior nail varnish with cherry blossom flowers in the background
Elemis cream product shot balancing on the glass vase
a skincare photography showing a curly hair freckled model holding tatcha light green cream covering her right eye, smiling showing the teeth looking away
a close up of a green flower lilly
A hand shot holding a nail varnish by dior
a close up skincare shot of an asian model with black hair holding a dior varnish remover looking into the camera
a close up of a pink lilly
Close up of an Asian model advertising skincare Dior product
a close up of a brazilian model side profile touching her skin with a rose quartz massaging tool inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and crystal therapies, mushroom-shaped Gua Sha
a product shot of dior nailcare products
A close up image of an Asian model holding a dior skincare cream close to her cheek
a portraits of an asian model holding a dior skincare product next to her face, wearing a cream fluffy sweater
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